About me............. This is the bit were i write two paragraphs on how cool I am and how you would be mad not to have such a maverick wedding photographer at your wedding...... Bullshit! 

I'm a dad of almost three (number 3 due in April!) and a husband of 7 years (had to check the diary, and most probably still wrong). I'm a honest type of guy, there's no facade. I love the things that the majority love, beer, food ect ect. When I take photos though I do enjoy trying to break away from the usual (I'm so maverick!) I'm not really, I just want to take photos that when you look back at them, they will take you right back to your day.

2017 was a pretty cool year, shot loads of weddings. I managed to get through to the regional finals of The Wedding Industry Awards  and I was accepted into The Fearless Photographers community.

Lets see what 2018 has to bring!

Wedding Things I Love

- Good music!  (80's classics, 90's dance, 70'S Rock, NO BEYONCE!)

- The panic of a flash rain storm

- Uncle knobheads

- 80's Nostalgia

- Magicians

- Hyper Kids

- Chaos!!