John Nelson


Hey I’m John, I’m an award winning documentary wedding photographer based in Yorkshire not too far from Leeds and Manchester. I’ve been shooting weddings for about 5 years and fashion for 3. In the past I have been in the forces where I rode horses, drove tanks and had James Blunt as my troop leader, I’ve also been a chef for the past 12 years, I even worked as a second hand car salesman for 2 days….not my cup of tea! I have an amazing wife Sarah and my three stunning children, Poppy, Jude and Lottie. I suppose I an average type of guy who enjoys taking photos.

I’ve always tried to steer clear from the “crowd” I think that’s why my wedding photography is a bit different to the “normal” wedding photography you see. I get bored easily, and I get bored with seeing the same sort of photos taken at weddings, I try not to put too much thought into an image, it either captivates me or it doesn’t. I love old film photography, all the graininess off the black and white films. My favourite parts of the wedding day has to be the evening, that’s when I come into my element, I love to capture all the random stuff that happens, the games, the drunken dancing, the slips and falls, those things are what brings the memories back.