Documentary wedding Photographer -John Nelson

Capture the moment they say..... But which moment? The one where everyone is standing awkwardly in a line facing the camera, or the one where your flower girl is hidden under the table eating sweets, the best man's speech or Granny nodding off.

The staged photos look good in a frame and it feels like the right thing to do as you never know when you'll be together again looking so polished and presentable.

But imagine looking back on your wedding day and seeing moments that you didn't even know had happened, expressions you didn't see, reactions you hadn't witnessed

Documentary photography is a style of photography that gives you an honest representation, a way of seeing people, places, objects and events from different perspectives. I have been turning my hand more and more to documentary photography and less posed photos, just because a wedding day is an emotion day full of tears, laughter and nervous smiles. To document such an event in a natural unobtrusive way is by far the best way, to then look back on those photos and relive the day photo by photo is an amazing thing.

There are an absolute wealth of amazingly talented documentary photographers past and present, Bresson, Ewritt, Parr, McCullin, Maier, all masters! But there was one photographer who really inspired me and at the time I didn't realise. This photographer took some of the most natural documentary photos I've ever seen, some photographers would completely disagree with me about this mans talents, but he inspired in a way I didn't realise. I spent so much of my childhood gazing through the slides of my distant family. My Nan's second husband, my mum's step dad, John Noble was a amateur photographer and he would fire away on his trusty 35 mm and create fantastic photos onto colour reversal film. I would spend hours looking through those slides, not knowing up until now how much influence this man, who I had unfortunately never met, eventually had over my life.

I will always enjoy shooting stunning posed photos for the bride and groom, and they will always be the ones you show your friends, but the natural snap shot of "that moment" will always help you relive your day.

Enjoy x

John Nelson