Ceative wedding photographer - John Nelson

The last wedding of 2018 saw me back at one of my favourite Yorkshire wedding venues The Woodlands in Leeds.

When I first meet a couple I always act and dress how I would when meeting friends, there’s no fakeness around me and my business. I want you to feel instantly relaxed and at ease from the moment we meet. My wedding photography is primarily based on rapport, building an instantaneous rapport with my bride and groom creates a friendly “part of the party” feeling. When I arrive at the bridal prep first thing in the morning I introduce myself to those I haven’t met we have a laugh and joke and I go about my day, I sort of melt into the background, I’m not there to slow the day down or interfere, I’m there to record your day as it happens with natural, unique wedding photography.

I met Ashleigh and her dad at the bar a couple of months before the wedding after the Woodlands team recommended myself to her and Craig for their wedding photography. It wasn’t until I was at a wedding fayre there later did I first meet Craig (top guy!) pink suit, blue velvet shirt, blue shoes…nailed it mate!.

Man was their wedding day epic!, I don’t think I have seen so much crammed into one day.

Magicians , Singers, Cartoonist, Casino, Band…OH and a fire eater!!

Thanks to Hair by Craig Parkinson, Lovely guy very very talented hairdresser!

Anyway, thanks so much for having me along Ash and Craig

It was such a pleasure being there with you all.

Enjoy x

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John Nelson