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Documentary Wedding Photographer

I love it when I walk into a venue the morning of a wedding and there’s mirrors, light streaming though the windows, and “stuff” just stuff happening, everyone has that nervous excitement, corks getting popped, kids running around, laughing and joking and no one is paying any attention to me and my camera, love it. I can just roll my sleeves up and let my creativity take over. 99% of the day is totally unposed documentary photography, I don’t take the wedding dress to a tree in the middle of a field, I don’t spend 20 minutes setting up a Pinterest product shot of the bouquet, shoes and rings. There’s isn’t anything wrong with those shots, it’s just I would rather find the beauty in the natural aspect, I leave things where they are and photograph them in situ, natural, reportage, documentary, whatever you want to call it, that’s how I do it.

Humanist Wedding at The Manor House Lindley

I met Georgina at a wedding fayre last year, she was looking for something more alternative and creative for her humanist wedding photography at The Manor House. We got chatting, I explained how I go about photographing a wedding day and my style, Georgina and Mark booked me there and then to photograph their absolute banger of a wedding.

Star Wars Day

May the 4th, Pretty epic day! This was my perfect type of wedding, Georgina had booked me for my very first humanist wedding at The Manor House. I have to admit I hadn’t a clue what that entailed. A humanist wedding is a meaningful ceremony for those couples that aren’t religious, it means you can marry outdoors or at a location that isn’t registered for civil ceremonies, you then have the flexibility to create a ceremony that is personal and unique to you. Unfortunately humanist weddings are not yet recognised in England, so couples have to take care of the legalities in the days before or after the ceremony.

The day itself was pretty special, the stars aligned and made it one of my favourite weddings to date, Georgina and Mark had booked me to shoot all day and when the night time celebrations kicked in that dance floor went off!!

Enough of me, get a brew and a biscuit and take a look at 101 photos of Georgina and Marks epic Humanist wedding.



John Nelson