UK Street Fashion

I'm sat here thinking "what do I know about street fashion?" The answer is, jack shit! I'm a 37 year husband and dad of 2 (3 very soon). To be honest working with talent such as Cali UK, I most probably know more about fashion than the average husband and dad of 2/3, but sat here thinking about writing a blog on the UK street fashion scene I feel somewhat out of my comfort zone of warm slippers and a comfy jumper.

What I do know is that trawling through Instagram and Facebook that there are some amazingly talented people in the fashion industry. Fashion can sometimes get a bit of  bad press because of photographers and designers determining what "we" think society deems attractive. If we were to give the talent as much attention then maybe the fashion industry will held in a much better light.

2017 was my first step into fashion photography, I was lucky enough to work with Alex Cannon on my very first fashion shoot, proper nice guy! For the shoot we decided to go to the Northern Quarter in Manchester, I can't remember the exact date but it was freezing!! So cold in fact that it started snowing. I think the average person has a misconception about the fashion world, these small independent labels don't have the funds for MUAs and big expensive  shoots abroad in exotic locations. This shoot was honest, for Cali UK an up and coming UK street fashion label, to be shot down the a back alley with the grey backdrop of a snowy Manchester, the setting was honest to the label and the image Cali are trying to portray.

2017 was very eye opening, I'm looking forward to working with more of the UK's amazing fashion talent!



John Nelson