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Photography from £1000

After all the dancing has been done and all the glasses are empty, all that is left are the photos.

What you get!

 Initial meeting and consultation

Coverage of your day either 6, 10 or 14 hours 

500 individually edited photographs all available to digitally download

An app for iOS and Android to download and view your images 

6 Hours - £1000 | 10 Hours - £1300 | 14 Hours - £1600

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It's all about me…

About me............. This is the bit were I write two paragraphs on how cool I am and how you would be mad not to have such a maverick wedding photographer at your wedding...... Bullshit! 

I'm a dad of three and a husband of 7 years (had to check the diary, and most probably still wrong). I'm a honest type of guy, there's no facade. I love the things that the majority love, beer, food ect ect. When I take photos though I do enjoy trying to break away from the usual (I'm so maverick!) I'm not really, I just want to take photos that when you look back at them, they will take you right back to your day, but I also want to take photos that stand out, creative and slightly alternative.

2017 was a pretty cool year, shot loads of weddings. I managed to get through to the regional finals of The Wedding Industry Awards  and I was accepted into The Fearless Photographers community.

Lets see what 2018 has to bring!

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